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Treasures of Sea & Earth | Rocks & Jewelry Bismarck, ND


“God made them, Man polished, We design them…”


Welcome to Treasures of Sea & Earth, a family owned and operated treasure and jewelry emporium based out of Bismarck, North Dakota. Owner and founder Jolene Morgan started the company in 1986, with a lifetime of experience collecting stones and other precious gems on her resume. Jolene was even able to instill the same passion for stones and art in her daughters, Brenda who works with her in the store.

In Treasures of Sea & Earth, you will find countless priceless items that would delight any shopper – and can’t be found anywhere else! Additionally, our inventory includes: semi-precious stone jewelry designed by Jolene and Brenda, the largest selection of seashells in the upper Mid-West, and the only rock shop and metaphysical stones in all of Bismarck! As for the crafts in the store, Jolene designs and creates the majority of them.

*We also offer jewelry repair services at our store, including sizing, soldering, and almost any other repair needed – “If it has a bead on it, we can probably fix it!”

For a unique shopping experience and products you literally can’t find anywhere else, there is no better place to come explore than Treasures of Sea & Earth!
A million years in the making.